Online Memorials

What is an online memorial?

An online memorial is a special page on a website or app dedicated to a loved one who has passed away. Online memorials are created to celebrate, commemorate, and remember that loved one. The online memorial includes an image of the deceased person alongside some words from their friends and family.

Online memorials allow you and others to collaborate on creating an online memorial where you can add photos, videos, stories, GIFS, and more of your loved one to remember them best.

Online memorials are a valuable way of remembering a loved one’s life, especially if they had a lot of family or friends that live on the other side of the country or world, meaning they’d be unable to attend the funeral or memorial service. Online memorials allow those who live far away to pay their respects. When creating an online memorial, you can choose who can access it and who can’t; this means that you have complete control of the privacy of the memorial.

Why have an online memorial?

Online memorials allow you to visit and create memorials at any time and from any location, which means you can pay your respects to a loved one while on the other side of the world. People who can’t attend the funeral or memorial service have a way of sharing their stories and condolences through online memorials.

Collaborate and create beautiful memories. Online memorials provide a single location for sharing information, stories, and adding thoughts, allowing anyone who had a connection to the deceased access the memorial. Online memorials create a sense of community where everyone can come together and share their stories and memories, which can be comforting.

Keeping memories alive is something special that online memorials offer. Online memorials last for as long as you want them to, meaning they can last forever. Adding stories, quotes, photos, or videos of your loved one helps keep memories of them alive and can be a place for people to connect with and share more memories of them. You can constantly update your online memorial with Unforgettable Memorials, meaning that the memorial page you’ve created won’t just be a static page. Share your memories from generation to generation to preserve your loved one’s legacy. 

Share your loved one’s personality in your online memorial by adding their interests and hobbies or by adding their favourite songs, movies, books, poems, quotes, etc., to create a unique memorial page.

You have complete control over all aspects of your online memorial. You can decide who can view or contribute to the memorial, whether you want to have a private section that only you and a few others can see or an open memorial for the public.

Memories are priceless, so it’s important to preserve them. Storing your special memories in an online memorial means they can last forever without the fear of losing them. Start your online memorial today with Unforgettable Memorials.

Create lasting online memorials with Unforgettable Memorials

It only takes a few clicks to set up or contribute to an online memorial with photos, condolence messages, videos, donations, and more with Unforgettable Memorials. The Unforgettable Memorials app will guide you through the process from start to finish. Once the online memorial has been set up, you can then share a link via social media, email, text message, and more to allow others to express their condolences if you choose to.

Unforgettable Memorials is where you can create lasting memorials of your loved one.

How can I set up an online memorial?

Setting up an online memorial is easy, especially with Unforgettable Memorials, as we will guide you through the process. As soon as your online memorial is set up on the app, your friends and relatives will be able to use it. You can view and approve the messages they post on the memorial and reply directly to the message.