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Supportive advice to help you find the right information if you're dealing with a bereavement or loss, or if you're looking for help and support for someone else who is going through the death of loved one.


It is often really hard to find the right words to say to describe your special person and the pain of losing them, or if you know someone who is grieving it is often easier to say nothing than to risk saying the wrong thing and upsetting them further. But grief is always raw and painful and most bereaved people will take comfort from talking about their loss, expressing memories of their special person, or hearing others share their stories and pass on their sympathies.

Our library of prose, poems, quotes and condolence messages offers a sanctuary to help with contemplating loss or inspiration when finding a verse or message to send on to someone else, whether it's here in a unforgettable memorials book of condolence or when you need to speak at a funeral, memorial or special event.

Useful Lists

From garden ideas, books and gifts. Our memorial, bereavement and grief lists showcase some fantastic ways to deal with loss and send support to loved ones through the difficult time of dealing with their loss.