Virtual Memorials

What is a virtual memorial?

Virtual memorials are online memorials created to celebrate, commemorate, and remember a loved one who has passed away. The virtual memorial includes an image of the deceased individual alongside some words from their friends and family. Virtual memorials can be one page on a website or a page on an app.

A virtual memorial is an online location where family and friends can visit, share stories, memories, photos and videos, and comfort each other. Having an online memorial allows you to decide who can view and comment on the memorial and enable people who were unable to attend the funeral or memorial service a chance to pay their respects from any location.

Create lasting virtual memorials with photos and videos of your loved one to best remember them and preserve their legacy.

Why have a virtual memorial?

Virtual memorials allow you to visit and add memories at any time and from any location, meaning that it’s possible to pay your respects to your loved one from the other side of the world. This also gives people who weren’t able to attend the memorial service or funeral a chance to express their feelings and pay their respects too.

Collaborate and create beautiful memories. Virtual memorials offer a single location for sharing information and adding thoughts and memories, meaning that anyone who has a connection to the deceased person can have access. This adds a sense of community to the memorial, where people can come together and share their memories and comfort each other.

Keeping memories alive is a special feature that virtual memorials offer. Adding stories, quotes, photos, or videos of your loved one help to keep memories of them alive and can be a place for people to connect with and share more memories of them. Virtual memorials aren’t just static pages; you can keep updating them at any time. Share your memories from generation to generation and preserve your loved one’s legacy.

You could add your loved one’s favourite songs, poems, movies, books, quotes, and other interests onto their memorial page to give a sense of their personality and who they were. This helps to create a unique memorial page for your loved one.  

Virtual memorials are entirely customisable; you can decide who can view the memorial and have complete control of your memorial’s privacy settings. You can choose who can see your memorial page, the messages there, and who can contribute. You decide whether you want a public or private virtual memorial. You may also want to share a link to the memorial on social media to give others a chance to view the special memorial and story of your loved one.

Memories are priceless, so it’s important to preserve them. Having your memories stored on your private memorial page means they can last forever without fear of losing them.

How do virtual memorials help with grief?

Expressing feelings with the deceased and continuing bonds with them can be therapeutic for the bereaved. Virtual memorials allow the bereaved to go to the memorial page and view the memories, comments, and photos that people have added. This can be comforting, especially when they’re going through a hard time and want to look back on good memories they shared with the deceased.

Virtual memorials bring family members, friends, and communities together for support, which can be more comforting than suffering in silence. This means that the grieving process doesn’t have to be done alone; everyone can come together to add new memories to the memorial.

The online memorial never disappears, so you can always keep your loved one near you. Whenever you are going through a hard time and need to view the page, you can do so easily at any time, any place.