Online Condolence Book

Let Unforgettable Memorials become your online condolence book

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to setup or contribute to an online condolence book. All it takes is a few clicks to contribute with a condolence message, story, photo, video, or donation with a memorial setup on Unforgettable Memorials. Starting your online condolence book is the first step to creating a lasting memorial for your loved one. The Unforgettable Memorials app will guide you through the simple process from start to finish. You can then easily share a link to others via social media, email, text message, and more to commemorate through an online condolence book the life and story of that person.

How can I setup an Online Condolence Book?

Setting up an online condolence book is easy, especially when you use Unforgettable Memorials for your digital memorial. As soon as you set up a new memorial on the app, that memorial is automatically set up with a simple condolence book for your friends and relatives to use. You can view and approve the messages they post on the memorial, you can also respond with a message or comment directly to the message they have left on the memorial page.

The book of condolence forms a key part of every Unforgettable Memorial, start yours today and remember your loved ones forever.

Why an online condolence book?

When a loved one has passed away, friends and family will want to come together and remember the good memories, the special qualities and character of a person and talk amongst the people who knew that person.

Online condolence books have the ability to reach those people and collate their messages, images and stories forever, which means that people can express their condolences from any location; they don’t have to travel and can revisit the digital memorial time and again to reunite with the memories of their loved one or connect with others who have shared messages and stories. Anyone can participate, especially if they cannot attend the funeral, memorial service or reunion.

Online condolence books can last forever. While there’s always the chance that paper condolence books can be lost or misplaced, online condolence books allow you to have easy access to them – you can bookmark the memorial page, come back to it and share it with others time and again. You can even make it a long term project in memory of your loved one and make it a digital space full of their life. 

Condolence books traditionally contain words and signatures, whereas an Unforgettable Memorial online condolence book will allow you to add more; photos, videos, links, GIFS, and links with other condolence books can all be added to our online condolence books.

Unlike paper condolence books, the owner of the online condolence book can edit, make changes, and update the online condolence book as they need to. They can get in touch with contributors to the memorial easily, for future communication or to enjoy and enhance the digital memory of their loved one.

What is an online condolence book?

An online condolence book at Unforgettable Memorials is a distinct part of any memorial on our site, a digital place where family and friends can record their condolences after their loved one has passed away. The book helps grieving families and friends come to terms with the reality of losing their loved one.

The online condolence book on your Unforgettable Memorials memorial page does what traditional condolence books do, but digitally. It combined with the other memorials page features to enable you to remember your loved one but also gather messages and stories to commemorate their life. It’s everlasting and has a more bespoke purpose than other social media ways for people to leave messages of condolence.

You could say, all memorials on Unforgettable Memorials are online condolence books in their own right. Only our memorials allow people to write and share memories, photos, videos, and much more of the loved ones whom they’ve lost as well as connect online condolence books forever.