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Beautiful and easy to create, your Unforgettable Memorials is a digital place to share the story of your loved ones life, receive condolence messages and gather stories and images from family, friends and other mourners.

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It's never been easier to build beautiful websites that convey your message and tell your story.

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Don't just take our word for it, read from some of our custodians how Unforgettable Memorials helped them create a lasting memorial to their loved one.

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I was so happy to find a place where everyone could share memories, stories and photos online.

Jasmine Smith London

Taking the step to create an online memorial for my Dad helped me remember him in a lasting way when it seemed harder and hard to collect photographs and remember him in the same way as when he first passed away.

John Doe Hertfordshire

It's easy to share the page with friends and family and so rewarding to see all the different memories and messages full the page.

John Smith Yorkshire

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

To register a new memorial is easy. Simply complete the memorial registration form, submit a picture and information about your friend for family member. You can submit some words about the person if you wish as well as upload images to the main page gallery.

From there you can come back to the page to customise it further before sharing it with friends and relatives via email, social media, Whatsapp or SMS.

How do I make changes and configure my memorial?

The simple memorial registration form gets you started, then our easy to use drag and drop editor helps to customise your memorial, add more content and share it with others.

Will anyone be able to access my memorial pages

Only if you want the memorial to be public. You can choose for the memorial to be private, if a memorial is private, it's not publically listed and only accessible via a unique email link or access key which can be passed directly to people you want to share it with.